November 26, 2022


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Why Partnerships Are The Future Of Marketing


Marketing and advertising Podcast with Robert Glazer

In this episode of the Duct Tape Internet marketing Podcast, I job interview Bob Glazer. Bob is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Acceleration Associates, a global partner advertising and marketing company. He is also the Co-founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. He has a new ebook out identified as — Relocating to Outcomes: Why Partnerships are the Potential of Advertising.

Critical Takeaway:

Marketers nowadays have a selection. They can preserve doubling down on advertising with the digital goliaths of nowadays or begin to diversify and spend in other promoting channels, with an eye towards the potential. In this episode, I chat with the Founder and Chairman of Acceleration Partners, Bob Glazer, about why diversifying your internet marketing strategy with other channels — like partnerships — is the way of the upcoming.

Queries I ask Bob Glazer:

  • [1:13] How would you outline partnerships, and what are you featuring new in the area of partnerships in this guide?
  • [3:29] Would you say there are diverse degrees of partnerships?
  • [5:44] Would you say this is likely a comprehensive stage of watch shift for a great deal of entrepreneurs?
  • [6:59] Do you have a constrained variety of who this methodology could function for or is this one thing that absolutely everyone really should be executing?
  • [9:14] How do I locate companions?
  • [12:58] Is there an illustration situation on locating companions that you’d like to go by with us?
  • [15:43] How would someone who is listening to this get started off?
  • [17:43] What are some of the platforms that people today would possible come across?
  • [18:31[ Have you seen examples of service companies doing this? For example, how would a company like yours create a partner?
  • [21:32] Wherever they can obtain out far more about Acceleration Partners as properly as pick up a copy of Transferring Results?

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