How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps | Best Practices 2019 | Birdeye

Getting your business listed on Google Maps is a big deal and if you are having trouble in business listing or how to optimize it, try Google maps SEO services to help you take a step to further market your business to potential customers and stay ahead of your competitors. 

The benefits you get in knowing how to rank higher on Google Maps will prove to be an important tool you will make for your business. One, it helps get your business name out there so that new customers can get to know it. Two, it helps you shine brighter among your competitors. Three, it helps you generate more business and in turn, more revenue.

The wonderful benefits mentioned above can only be achieved if your business has a strong visibility. You also need to make sure that Google will automatically rank your business for searches in your area. To give you more information, here are answers to why you need to rank higher on Google Maps and 5 ways on how to get your business to rank higher. 

Why rank higher on Google Maps?

According to research, 67% of consumers prefer Google as their top navigation site. Consumers also do not look past the first few results when they are searching for popular places or products, so it is vital that your business listing on Google Maps appear on the first results to be relevant. 

You should seriously consider your business to rank higher on Google maps because the ways that you are following in order to rank higher will only open avenues for your customers to engage and remain loyal to your business. 86% of consumers prefer using Google Maps to look up a business so when your business ranks higher, this is one way to increase consumer engagement and improve brand power. 

5 ways on how to get your business listing to rank higher on Google maps

  1. Add your business to Google Maps

You can’t get your business to rank on Google Maps if you don’t add it in the first place so make sure you do this crucial first step to get you started on ranking. 

  1. Claim your Google Maps business listing

After adding your business listing, the second step is to claim your listing on Google Maps. When you claim your listing, you can provide many more details about your business and the more information a business listing contains, the higher it will rank on Google Maps.

  1. Add information to your Google Maps business listing

The third step is equally as important because if you want higher rankings, you need to add more information. Here are 6 tips to rank higher on Google Maps. 

  • Be consistent with name and address
  • Use a local phone number
  • Include your tracked and main number
  • Keep your hours updated
  • Write a business description
  • Properly categorize your business
  1. Get Google reviews

Customers love to read reviews as reading reviews helps influence them to make a decision concerning which business or product to choose. Google Maps helps them and grants favor to business listings with positive reviews. 

You need to make an extra effort to ask customers to write reviews and respond to any reviews promptly. By responding to reviews, you are showing that you encourage more customers to review and are keeping in mind any negative review and are doing your part to address any issues or concerns. 

  1. Post regularly to your Google Maps business listing

Like with the popular social media site Facebook, you as a business owner can publish posts that will appear right on your Google Maps business listing. If you post regularly, this shows Google that you are doing your part by properly managing your business listing, which is a huge part when they consider ranking. 

Experience the benefits of ranking higher on Google Maps

You have read valuable and helpful information on how to rank higher on Google Maps but if you are still confused but want to experience the benefits of ranking higher on Google Maps, expose your business to more visibility and get more customers, follow the strategies below. 

 Here are 10 strategies in order for your business listing to rank higher: 

  1. Create and claim your Google Maps business listing
  2. Complete every part of your Google My Business dashboard
  3. Keep your business name, business address, and local phone number consistent
  4. Properly describe and categorize your business
  5. Add images and posts to your listing regularly
  6. Get Google reviews and respond to them regularly
  7. Consolidate duplicate listings
  8. Have a responsive website
  9. Target your website for local keywords
  10. Embed a Google Map on your website