Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Reselling

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Domain Reselling is a thriving industry that allows individuals and businesses to provide domain registration services and capitalise on the growing demand for online identities. If you are considering entering a Domain Reselling business or are already involved in the domain reseller business, you likely have several queries. 

Whether you are wondering about the earning potential of a Web Hosting business, want to know the steps to establish your Web Hosting business or the best practices for marketing your services, we have got you covered. 

If you want to foray into Server Reseller Hosting, we will also answer whether you need to go for Windows Hosting or Linux Reseller Hosting.

So, keep reading this article, that seeks to provide valuable insights and information to help you navigate this dynamic industry.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Reselling

  1. What Are The Duties and Responsibilities of a Domain Reseller?The duties and responsibilities of a Domain Reseller include billing their clients and providing technical support. They are responsible for managing the client relationship and ensuring their client’s needs are met.
  2. Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions Imposed on Domain Resellers?Resellers are subject to the limitations and restrictions outlined in domain providers’ terms of service. These restrictions apply to each reseller’s clients and must be adhered to.
  3. Do Resellers Receive Discounted Rates on Domain Products and Services?Yes, resellers receive discounted rates on domain products and services. These discounts are exclusive to purchases made through the reseller console.
  4. Is Becoming a Domain Reseller Worth It?Depending on your profit margins, you can generate significant profits from reselling domain registrations, especially for higher-priced gTLDs. Establishing competitive pricing in the domain registration market is important to attract customers and maximise your earnings.
  5. What is the Potential Profit Margin for Domain Resellers?The profit margin for Domain Resellers can vary depending on factors such as the cost of domain names, pricing strategy, and market competition. Resellers can expect a 10% to 50% profit margin on the domains they sell.
  6. Who is Responsible for Billing the End Customers?As a reseller, you are responsible for billing your end customers. Opt for a Reseller Hosting with WHMCS, which streamlines the billing by enabling you to use your credit card on the due date for each client.
  7. How Do I Cancel an Account?To cancel an account, please contact our support team, and they will assist you in cancelling the account at the end of the current billing period.
  8. What is the Support Policy for Domain Resellers?Resellers are responsible for providing technical support to their clients. If Domain receives any communication from a reseller’s client, the issue will be directed to the reseller for resolution.
  9. If I start Hosting Reselling, what Should I choose — Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting?You can start with any of these depending on your OS familiarity, cost, and application compatibility. Linux is cost-effective and suitable for open-source technologies, while Windows is better for Windows-based applications.


Domain Reselling offers an opportunity to generate revenue by selling website services. Through the Domain Reseller Program, you receive discounts on cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans from the parent hosting company. You will also get access to a powerful reseller console for comprehensive account management.

Note that most reputed Reseller Hosting plans include technical support for their clients, making Domain Reselling a relatively hassle-free and profitable business venture.

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