Financial Planner Donald Dirren: Educating Adults on How to Maximize Retirement  


Expert financial planner Donald Dirren recently provided a free course on the foundations for building a sound retirement.

PHOENIX, AZ Donald Dirren has been a financial planner for more than 30 years. He’s considered an expert in the field of retirement planning, and he recently offered an unbeatable opportunity for individuals interested in preparing for retirement.

Last October, Donald Dirren provided a free course on the foundations of creating a sound retirement. This course was offered at several local universities, including Scottsdale Community College, Mesa Community College, Glendale Community College, and Paradise Valley Community College.

“We created this educational course for adults of all ages,” said Donald Dirren. “The goal was to help individuals prepare for retirement, so more Americans can stop working and enjoy the golden years.”

According to Dirren, the course covered a handful of extremely important retirement savings and spending topics. Its aim was to help individuals define their ideal retirement scenario and determine how that ideal aligned with their core values.

From there, Donald Dirren helped participants discover how to protect their savings and make informed retirement investment choices. Dirren presented numerous strategies, skills, tools, and information to help adults prepare for the retirement they want and deserve.

“We also discussed a bonus topic on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the stock market and people’s retirement plans,” said Donald Dirren. “This topic is essential to understanding the pandemic’s impact both in present times and in the future. We’re now well aware that a global pandemic could occur at any time, and we discussed how this pandemic can help us understand and handle future catastrophes in a more financially sound way.”

Don Dirren also discussed the Tax Reform Act and how it can benefit each participant’s retirement.

This free course provided a rare opportunity to learn the ins and outs of retirement planning from experts. The course schedule included workshops on Oct. 21, 23, and 27. Each course was held at the Red Mountain Center at 7550 E. Adobe in Mesa, AZ.

Donald Dirren has long been praised for his retirement planning expertise. He has been named one of the top Safe Money Specialists for Bergen Financial Group and strives to educate as many individuals as possible about retirement planning, preserving wealth, and more. He holds a strong industry presence throughout Arizona, as the owner of two private brokerage firms and an ASU alumnus.