December 3, 2022


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Auburn woman turns knitting hobby into a full-time business called All Strung Out Yarn Shop | Latest Headlines


From legal work to needlework, Laura Barker has turned her part-time hobby into a full-time business with her new store, All Strung Out Yarn Shop.

Though knitting has been around for centuries, Barker’s shop carries brands like Sardar, which targets a younger market with items such as festival wear and stuffed animal kits. She also sells every material a knitter could need, including linen, acrylic and wool-acrylic materials, as well as different sizes of needles.

“I enjoy doing it because it gives me something to do while I watch TV,” Barker said. “And I like to make things for people.”

After graduating in 2008, Barker, an Auburn alumna, picked up knitting while back home in Virginia.

“I wasn’t employed right away, so I just needed something to do,” Barker said. “My mom had just recently retired, and we went to a prayer shawl group at her church [where] they taught me how to knit.”

In 2013, Barker moved back down South where she worked as a paralegal in Montgomery from 2014 until July of last year.

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“I’ve been thinking about opening up a yarn store for probably the past four or five years [but] financially, that wasn’t really doable,” Barker said.

Then, in April of 2021, everything changed when Barker received an inheritance. In July, she left her job as a paralegal and began looking for the perfect store location.

For five months, from July until December, Barker sold her creations out of her home. Finally, she found her spot in the Bodegas, a collection of small stores located within Midtown Auburn Apartments.

Prior to the grand opening, Barker’s family made a trip down to help her get the business started. Her father and brother built and installed shelves for her yarn, and both of her parents aided her with setting up her store.

“[One] thing I didn’t realize would take as long as it did was just putting in the inventory,” Barker said.

March 10 marked the official opening of All Strung Out. Even though she runs her own business now, Barker still sells her own work at Coffee Mafia and local craft shows such as Garden in the Park, Pride on the Plains, CityFest and PrideFest.

“So far, the most rewarding [part] has been the fact that people in this area now have a yarn shop to go to,” Barker said.

For now, Barker plans to stay at 161 First Street in Suite 1 for at least the next year. In the meantime, she hopes to set up classes in the next couple of months.

More details can be found on Facebook or Instagram @ AllStrungOutYarnShop. For knitting materials, the shop can be visited Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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