What Are The Top Control Panels For VPS Hosting?

What is a Hosting Control Panel?

A hosting control panel is a vital application accompanying every web domain and hosting plan, serving as the nerve centre for managing subdomains, add-on domains, files, email campaigns, security settings, databases, and more. 

VPS control panels offer additional functionalities, enabling users to modify plans, add or remove resources, handle billing, and more. 

This article highlights top Virtual Server control panels to facilitate an informed choice amidst the several options available.

Top Control Panels For VPS Hosting

  • cPanel 

  • cPanel is the world’s most popular hosting control panel, developed in 1996 for Linux-based hosting.
  • Known for its user-friendly GUI, it eliminates the need for Linux command knowledge.
  • Offers a single dashboard for intuitive operation and extensive support through forums and communities.
  • While not free, many hosting companies include cPanel in their plans due to its widespread popularity.
  • Plesk 

  • Plesk competes directly with cPanel and is favoured by users of the Windows operating system, available for both Linux and Windows hosting.
  • Launched in 2001, Plesk gained popularity in recent years, overcoming initial negative reviews about its UI.
  • Plesk is user-friendly and resembles Windows XP, making it accessible for users at any level of hosting understanding.
  • Known for efficient resource management, making it suitable for Windows-based VPS Hosting plans with limited RAM.
  • It utilises a sidebar instead of a traditional dashboard for easy navigation and access to essential tasks.
  • Feature-rich like cPanel, Plesk stands out for its usability and popularity among Windows hosting users.
  • Some drawbacks include difficulty in installing new programs, substantial storage requirements for backups, and a less straightforward backup process.
  • DirectAdmin

  • It is a versatile control panel for various hosting accounts.
  • It provides extensive administrative options for effective management.
  • Web-based panel known for speed, user-friendliness, and graphical user interface for browser-based hosting management.
  • It allows admins to add/remove information and modify MX settings.
  • It enables clients to create, remove, or obtain sub-domain information.
  • Ideal for convenient and speedy website development and maintenance.
  • It facilitates quick development, modification, and uninstallation of MySQL.
  • Webmin

  • Webmin is a stable and reliable hosting control panel compatible with Windows and various Linux distributions.
  • It is one of the free control panels for VPS Hosting.
  • It is known for its exceptional customisation capabilities, allowing users to modify the software according to their preferences.
  • Popular among system admins due to its flexibility and the fact that it is entirely free.
  • The main drawback is its initial lack of user-friendliness, especially for non-experts in hosting.
  • ISPConfig

  • ISPConfig is a free hosting control panel popular among experts and beginners.
  • It is well-regarded for stability, lightweight impact on web servers, and native support for virtualisation.
  • It offers a wide range of features as standard.
  • Its drawbacks include the lack of official support, no option to pay for support, and limited online forums or help pages.
  • Installation can be challenging for non-experts, suggesting the need for professional assistance due to the complex and technical configurations involved.

Wrapping Up

Hosting control panels are important for the website and domain management. These are the heart of the hosting, which makes the hosting operations easy and manageable. 

Thus, it is essential to be well-informed about the different kinds of hosting panels and their features. 

It will help you select the right one for your hosted website and application and help you achieve your online goals efficiently and effectively. 

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What Are The Benefits of Ensuring Business Email Security?

Forrester names Check Point Software leader for enterprise email security

Email communication has been a top choice for businesses regarding customer interactions. However, to keep up with the digital era, every business wants to tap into the new-age technologies to increase security and efficiency for their email communication.

This is one of the prime reasons the demand for domain Email Hosting services is growing worldwide. Email Hosting services offer top-notch email security to help with an extremely important business concern of cyberattacks. 

Just like Australian domain hosts provide users with custom domain names, Email Hosting promises improved email security for communication.

Let’s understand why email security is a top priority today.

Understanding Email Security

The variety and intensity of digital attacks have also increased with technological advancements. Moreover, the current work model of remote work or hybrid work flexibility is one of the prime reasons email security has become crucial.

Protecting company data and business-related communication is necessary, especially if the workforce is distributed. This is because, with the distributed workforce, the attack surface for hackers increases, opening up more gaps for them to enter the email network and database.

Benefits of Email Security

The main purpose of email security is to protect sensitive company and customer information exchanged via emails, along with complete protection and management of all business email accounts. Email security is necessary because emails are usually the first choice for cybercrimes.

The top 3 benefits of enhanced email security include:

  • Data Protection

Preventing data breaches, which can impact the company’s reputation and attract financial losses, is necessary today. 

With the help of email security, you can reduce the scope of data leaks and unauthorised access by adding multiple layers of protection for your email communication. 

Moreover, email security further prevents fraud and phishing tactics that have been improvised with the changing technologies, saving the company employees from major threats.

  • Reduced Threats

One of the most malicious attacks for any organisation is hackers tapping into their network systems to exploit network databases. This can be done by email alone, making email security mandatory. 

With email security in place, identifying threats that can compromise the network and data of the company is easier and faster, reducing the chances of ransomware and malware threats significantly.

  • Secure Communication

The importance of confidentiality in email communication between businesses and their customers is very high. 

Incorporating techniques like email encryption to enhance email security will secure the sensitive data exchanged via emails from any external threats. This is necessary to build a trusting relationship with your customers.

How Does Email Hosting Help with Email Security?

The role of Email Hosting services in email security is very big. Email Hosting is an all-in-one solution that protects your email communication from many external threats.

With the help of Email Hosting, you can incorporate encryption options available to secure your email communication while taking advantage of the data backup and recovery features available.

One of the biggest benefits of Email Hosting is incorporating two-factor authentication to enhance email access security significantly. This limits the possibility of an attacker entering the company database, even if they know the user password.


Maintaining Hai email security is essential to build a trusting relationship with an organisation’s internal and external stakeholders. High email security allows businesses to freely communicate using emails without fearing data breaches or any other external threat that can cause financial or reputational loss.

There are multiple ways to incorporate security measures into your email system. However, the Email Hosting service handles every security breach to ensure the best email security for your business communication. 

The critical thing to remember is to protect your email communication with the best technology today for user satisfaction and business growth. 

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What Are The Top Features of a Durable AI Website Builder?

Durable AI: Pricing, Features and Alternatives 2023

In this digital age, a website works as your asset and a store through which you can reach a wider audience and generate revenue. However, creating and maintaining a website is not always easy for everyone. 

It is where the Durable AI Website Builder comes into play, which automates the process of creating a website with minimal or no effort. 

However, When it comes to finding the best Website Builder of AI, you must look for essential Website Builder features to have an unmatched experience in creating and hosting sites

This article will explore the top AI Website Builder features that the best Website Builder in India should have, why it matters and their benefits.

What Are The Top Features of a Durable AI Website Builder and Their Importance and Benefits?

  • User-Friendly Interface

Importance: It’s crucial to have an interface that’s easy for both beginners and experienced users. This way, you can navigate the Website Builder smoothly without prior learning.

Benefit: By having a user interface, you can efficiently. Update your website, saving valuable time and avoiding frustration. 

  • Customisation Options

Importance: Every website is unique, so having the ability to customise its design and layout is essential in achieving the look and functionality you desire.

Benefit: With customisation options, you can tailor your website according to your needs, branding and style. 

  • Responsive Design

Importance: In today’s world, where mobile devices are widely used, it’s crucial to have a website that functions greatly on smartphones and tablets. It ensures that you reach a wider audience effectively.

Benefit: A responsive design automatically adjusts your website layout to screen sizes, providing users a browsing experience. 

  • AI-Powered Content Generation

Importance: Leveraging AI-powered content generation allows you to create written content for your website quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s blog posts or product descriptions, AI technology can assist in producing engaging text.

Benefit: Using AI-generated content saves time while ensuring that your website maintains high-quality text that captivates readers.

  • eCommerce Capabilities

Importance:  If you have plans to sell products or services online, it is crucial to have e-commerce capabilities. It includes displaying products and shopping carts and ensuring payment processing.

Benefit: E-commerce capabilities allow you to establish and manage a store, opening up your business avenues.

  • Tools for Optimising Search Engine Visibility

Importance:  Enhancing your website’s visibility on search engines, like Google, through search engine optimisation (SEO) is highly valuable. A reliable AI Website Builder online should provide built-in SEO tools.

Benefit: SEO tools help you optimise your website’s content, meta tags, and structure to rank higher in search engine results.

  • Hosting Security

Importance:  It’s crucial that the Website Builder you choose offers hosting to protect your site from cyber threats. Additionally, features like SSL certificates and regular backups should be provided for added security.

Benefits: By ensuring hosting and security measures, your website will remain safe and accessible to users.

  • Future-Proof Scalability

Importance: Your website requirements may evolve. A Website Builder with scalability should enable you to expand your site and incorporate features as your business or project grows.

Benefits: Scalability guarantees that your website can adjust to evolving needs and effectively support your objectives.


Creating the websites is not a more challenging task. 

However, understanding and utilising these features of Durable AI Website Builders will empower you to create, maintain, and grow your website efficiently and effectively in this vast digital world. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Reselling

11 Best Cheap Domain Registrars (2023) - Moneymint

Domain Reselling is a thriving industry that allows individuals and businesses to provide domain registration services and capitalise on the growing demand for online identities. If you are considering entering a Domain Reselling business or are already involved in the domain reseller business, you likely have several queries. 

Whether you are wondering about the earning potential of a Web Hosting business, want to know the steps to establish your Web Hosting business or the best practices for marketing your services, we have got you covered. 

If you want to foray into Server Reseller Hosting, we will also answer whether you need to go for Windows Hosting or Linux Reseller Hosting.

So, keep reading this article, that seeks to provide valuable insights and information to help you navigate this dynamic industry.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Reselling

  1. What Are The Duties and Responsibilities of a Domain Reseller?The duties and responsibilities of a Domain Reseller include billing their clients and providing technical support. They are responsible for managing the client relationship and ensuring their client’s needs are met.
  2. Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions Imposed on Domain Resellers?Resellers are subject to the limitations and restrictions outlined in domain providers’ terms of service. These restrictions apply to each reseller’s clients and must be adhered to.
  3. Do Resellers Receive Discounted Rates on Domain Products and Services?Yes, resellers receive discounted rates on domain products and services. These discounts are exclusive to purchases made through the reseller console.
  4. Is Becoming a Domain Reseller Worth It?Depending on your profit margins, you can generate significant profits from reselling domain registrations, especially for higher-priced gTLDs. Establishing competitive pricing in the domain registration market is important to attract customers and maximise your earnings.
  5. What is the Potential Profit Margin for Domain Resellers?The profit margin for Domain Resellers can vary depending on factors such as the cost of domain names, pricing strategy, and market competition. Resellers can expect a 10% to 50% profit margin on the domains they sell.
  6. Who is Responsible for Billing the End Customers?As a reseller, you are responsible for billing your end customers. Opt for a Reseller Hosting with WHMCS, which streamlines the billing by enabling you to use your credit card on the due date for each client.
  7. How Do I Cancel an Account?To cancel an account, please contact our support team, and they will assist you in cancelling the account at the end of the current billing period.
  8. What is the Support Policy for Domain Resellers?Resellers are responsible for providing technical support to their clients. If Domain receives any communication from a reseller’s client, the issue will be directed to the reseller for resolution.
  9. If I start Hosting Reselling, what Should I choose — Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting?You can start with any of these depending on your OS familiarity, cost, and application compatibility. Linux is cost-effective and suitable for open-source technologies, while Windows is better for Windows-based applications.


Domain Reselling offers an opportunity to generate revenue by selling website services. Through the Domain Reseller Program, you receive discounts on cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans from the parent hosting company. You will also get access to a powerful reseller console for comprehensive account management.

Note that most reputed Reseller Hosting plans include technical support for their clients, making Domain Reselling a relatively hassle-free and profitable business venture.

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How to organise your SEO work and time?

What is SEO doing for your business? [How SEO works and why it's important]  - Postmedia Solutions

It can be hard to lead an SEO team. Heck, even leading a business team is hard and tough. But we have to be the first ones to realise that leaders who are both creative and technical (also known as SEO) are not stupid. With the right skills and plan, you can boost your SEO department in the same way that they can improve and speed up your website. 

In this piece, we’ll talk a little bit about how to organise your SEO services in a timely way. SEO has a lot to offer, so we want to help you get the most out of it. With a good managed SEO service, things can get easier. But if you handle your SEO domain by following these tips, you will do well: 

  1. Have a connected system

Before starting a project, you should make sure that everyone on your SEO team knows the same goals, objectives, and plan. In many ways, search engine optimisation is a part of a company’s chaotic process. It touches on things like content, advertising, paid advertising, and growth, all of which are important to the business. With so much going on, it seems unlikely that anyone would know what to do. Hosting conferences is often a big part of putting SEO plans together. 

  1. Delegate – never control!

As I said before, SEO is both a technical and artistic process. They’re proud of what they do and want their own way of doing things. If you already have a small staff member, it’s time to make some changes to your life. SEO optimizers are smart, and even though their work is reliable, they usually work on their own. This means that they won’t react well if you tell them how to move. Keep this in mind, and if you want to escape stress, be careful when you’re in charge of your employees. 

  1. Make your goals unique

I know what you mean. Is there something like making a goal? Nothing important. As a boss, you should follow these steps. You need future standards for your area to build, grow, and manage a good SEO team. 

Want to call more people? work? At the beginning of each term, take the time to answer these questions and plan for how your department will look in the coming months. This will help you set priorities and make sure that your name is always offering SEO marketing services. 

  1. Hire help if you need to

SEO is strong and hard to understand. It won’t be expensive to hire a full-time SEO expert, but they might not have the skills they need to start, and training can take time. If they find out, they might not have enough time to do SEO even during the day. Retailers can get things done. 

If you want to be successful, you need a team of SEO and digital marketing pros with years of experience. With SEO services that are outsourced, your business gets more professional help at a lower cost than if you did it all in-house. 

An SEO business or company can give you a lot for a low price. Keep in mind that SEO takes a long time. Making SEO mistakes early on can cost more to fix later. 


If that’s the case, running an SEO team is just like running a marketing effort. But there are some meanings, especially for people who work in SEO. If you know these differences and use these methods, you can turn an idle SEO team into the SEO team of your dreams.  

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Sennheiser vs. Jabra: Choosing the Right Headset Brand for Your Business

The digital age is characterised by high-paced communication and instant exchange of information, making audio equipment more crucial than ever for businesses. High-quality headsets offer clear and efficient communication, directly impacting productivity and collaboration. When it comes to premium headsets, Sennheiser and Jabra consistently lead the way, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to cater to varied business needs.

Sennheiser, a German company, has a legacy of creating top-quality audio products since 1945. Known for its excellent audio engineering and innovative designs, Sennheiser’s business headsets consistently deliver superior sound quality and robust performance. Popular models from Business Headsets’ selection include the Sennheiser Presence Grey Business, the Sennheiser SDW 5066, and the Sennheiser SC 165. These headsets stand out for their impeccable sound delivery, noise-cancelling features, and comfort, ensuring clear, uninterrupted conversations throughout the workday.

In particular, the Sennheiser Presence Grey Business, available at Business Headsets, is designed for mobile professionals who demand high-quality sound and voice clarity. It features impressive battery life and Bluetooth connectivity, proving an asset for professionals on the move. The Sennheiser SDW 5066 is a wireless DECT headset that combines comfort, style and top-class sound quality, ideal for bustling office environments. Meanwhile, the Sennheiser SC 165, with its modern design and wired connectivity, is perfect for professionals who prefer a more traditional headset setup.

Conversely, Jabra, founded in 1983 in Denmark, is lauded for its broad spectrum of audio devices. The company’s business headsets, like the Jabra Engage 55 and the Jabra Business Headset, are engineered for durability and user-friendly features. Jabra offers a blend of high performance, comfort, and aural quality in its designs.

The Jabra Engage 55, available from Business Headsets, is a notable model, offering a wireless experience that permits users to move freely without compromising on connectivity. Its advanced noise-cancelling microphone delivers crystal clear audio, even in the noisiest of environments. The Jabra Business Headset range includes both wired and wireless variants, catering to different user preferences and workspace needs.

Both Sennheiser and Jabra are high achievers in the audio realm. Sennheiser, with decades of audio expertise, offers unrivalled sound clarity and quality, while Jabra stands out for its durable headsets and impressive wireless technology. Therefore, the choice between the two boils down to your business’s unique requirements.

If top-notch sound quality and advanced audio features are pivotal for your business, you might gravitate towards Sennheiser’s offerings. If, however, reliable performance and exceptional wireless features are paramount, Jabra’s range would serve you well.

In the realm of business communication, both Sennheiser and Jabra present unique advantages, and their respective strengths lie in their commitment to quality and innovation. As a business, your selection between these two brands would largely depend on the specific requirements and preferences of your team.

For businesses that place a premium on exceptional sound quality and audio innovation, Sennheiser might prove to be the brand of choice. Their headsets, such as the Sennheiser Presence Grey Business and the Sennheiser SDW 5066, are engineered with sound-enhancing features, and they reflect the brand’s heritage of sophisticated audio engineering. These headsets are available at Business Headsets, guaranteeing a reliable communication experience marked by superior sound quality.

On the other hand, if your business values sturdy, durable, and feature-rich wireless headsets, Jabra would likely serve your needs more fittingly. The Jabra Engage 55, for instance, is known for its impressive range, allowing users to freely move around the workspace while maintaining seamless connectivity. The Jabra Business Headset range also includes wired options, providing the versatility needed to adapt to different business environments and user preferences.

Despite the differences, one commonality between Sennheiser and Jabra is their shared commitment to user comfort. Both brands understand that headsets often need to be worn for extended periods, and they have tailored their designs accordingly. Comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable, their headsets are designed for all-day use, ensuring that comfort does not have to be compromised for performance.

Moreover, both Sennheiser and Jabra understand the importance of noise cancellation in business communication. They are equipped with advanced noise-cancelling technology to ensure that background noise does not interfere with the clarity of your calls. This feature is crucial in today’s busy work environments and remote working setups, where background noise can often be disruptive.

In conclusion, both Sennheiser and Jabra offer exceptional quality and performance in their business headset ranges. Whether you choose Sennheiser’s sound quality excellence or Jabra’s robust wireless technology, you can be confident that you’re investing in a product that will enhance your business communication. The team at Business Headsets is committed to helping you make the right choice for your specific needs, providing expert advice and a comprehensive product range. Regardless of your choice, superior communication is within your reach with Business Headsets.

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